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Basic Info.

Model NO.
Aion V Plus 80
Braking System
Silver, Rose Powder, White, Black
Road Conditions
Boby Type
Energy Type
Pure Electric
Transport Package
Original Packaging
4650 x 1920 x 1720
HS Code
Production Capacity
600, 000 Cars a Year

Product Description

AION is a high-end pure electric brand of GAC Group, one of the world’s top 500 companies, and is the earliest automobile manufacturing enterprise in China to do electrification and intelligent research, with independent brands, channels, services and operations. Aean has not only established the world’s leading intelligent ecological factory, but also developed and created industry-leading core technologies such as GEP 2.0 and magazine batteries.
Ian, one step ahead of the technological enjoyment
Since its establishment in 2017, its sales have continued to rise, and it will enter the third place in the market in 2021, taking five years to complete the road of others for ten years.


 2024 AION V Plus parameter configuration table
Model version 60 Star yao version 70 Star yao version   70 Smart collar version 70 Technology version 70 Overcharge version 80 Technology version   80 Max
Specification parameters
Length X, width X, height (mm)       4650 x  1920 x  1720      
wheel base (mm)       2830      
Full ground clearance 150 150   160 150   160  
Comprehensive operating range (km) 400 500   500 500 500 600   600
Maximum power (kW)     180   165   180
100 km acceleration (s) 9.5 7.9   7.6 7.9 7.9 7.6   7.6
power battery       Bomb magazine battery technology      
lithium iron phosphate lithium iron phosphate   Three yuan lithium lithium iron phosphate Three yuan lithium Three yuan lithium   Three yuan lithium
Super fast charging (GAC Aian A480 supercharging pile, 30~80%)       10 mins  
Battery capacity (kWh) 54.37 67.97   69.9 67.97 72.1 80   80
Advanced intelligent driving
Driving control system IBCM, non-inductive start    
Integrated huai block    
Driving mode Sport / Normal / Eco / I-pedal / Eco + 5 driving modes    
storm model    
Cruise at CCS    
Intelligent driving assistance system
Full-speed adaptive cruise on the ACC    
Intelligent driving assistance system
ADiGO  PILOT  2.0    
Blind zone monitoring system BSD    
Automatic lane change to assist the ALC    
Remote parking FAPA, intelligent parking + RPA, remote control parking    
540 ° smart image (transparent chassis)    
Fun intelligent cockpit


Full LCD instrument + 15.6-inch central control large screen c    
In-vehicle entertainment system (APP application)    
Driver Monitoring system (DMS) / built-in camera    
8 Speakers √ Premium √ Premium   √ Premium √ Premium √ Premium √ Premium   √ Premium
Bongiovi Brand sound effects    
Natural soundtrack / clear voice / overweight bass / enjoy rest music scene    
AI intelligent voice control    
Mobile phone Bluetooth virtual key    
Mobile phone wireless charging    
Smart atmosphere light    
Mobile Bluetooth connectivity / vehicle WIFI / OTA car Internet service    
360 ° hd panoramic image with reversing radar    
V2L function (220V, power output)    
Heat pump air conditioning    
Wake up god mode    
Cinema mode *    
Rest mode *    
Pet mode *    
High quality interior

Flexible and changeable with a large space

Microfiber cortex covers the steering wheel    
Leather seat    
The main driving seat is electric 6-way adjustment    
Main driving seat waist adjustment (pneumatic, 2-way)    
Electric adjustment of passenger seat    
Heating / ventilation of the main / front-passenger seat    
Master seat memory    
Inner rearview mirror is anti-glare    
Second row seats (tilted, inverted, with 4 / 6)    
Third row seats (tilt, inverted, with 5 / 5)    
Second row of central armrest and cup holder    
Rear air conditioning air outlet and USB interface    
Sound insulation glass    
Fully automatic double-layer flow air conditioning    
Fragrance system (optional Chinese style / French fragrance)    
CN 95 Level air filter / remote one-key antivirus    
The AQS Air Quality Sensor / PM 2.5, the sensor    
Four-door glass and one-touch lifting function (anti-clip)    
Electric tail door    
Maximum trunk volume (L) 405L 405L   583L 405L 405L 405L   405L
Full cabin coverage    
Trendy appearance

Starmecha styling

“Light claw electric eye” split type LED headlights    
“The World Blade” LED taillights    
LED, daily running light / rear fog lamp / high-level brake lamp    
Automatic induction headlights    
Headlamp height is automatically adjusted    
Hidden door handle    
Rear privacy glass    
External rearview mirror electric adjustment and defrosting and fog removal function    
The outer rearview mirror will lock the car and automatically fold it    
External rearview mirror memory    
19-inch aluminum alloy rim (original star / instantaneous aperture)    
20-inch aluminum alloy rim (paddle star wheel)     Himma tyres
2.2 Square meter Panoramic glass canopy / panoramic skylight (alternative)    
Automatic front induction windshield wiper    
safety standards
Battery technology Liquid cooling battery technology    
Full-time control of the battery management system    
Collision break high voltage function (front / side / rear touch)    
Battery low-temperature heating function    
12V battery and power battery low power reminder    

Driving control safety

Aluminum alloy pure electric exclusive platform    
Automatic parking    
The steep slope slow down    
Body stability system    
Direct-type tire pressure monitoring system    
Front double airbags    
Front front side air bag    
Front and rear row of bilateral air curtain    
Tre repair machine and tire repair fluid (if selected equipment tire, not equipped)    
Anti-theft alarm / impact induction type automatic unlocking    
Rear door, child security door lock    
Superior custom optional
Body color Misty rain green / magic color purple / star diffuse green / holographic silver / night shadow black / polar white / extreme speed silver / free gray / pulse blue    
Divided roof (misty rain green / magic purple / Star diffuse green / holographic silver / polar white / pulse blue optional)    
Interior color Competition night (black), Milan time (meters), vitality space (shallow), Compendium of Materia Medica (green)    
tyre Non-full size spare tire    
Personality boutique intelligence ETC    
Front under the guard plate standard configuration standard configuration   standard configuration  
” means that there is this equipment, “” means that there is no such equipment, and “○” means that it can be equipped through the optional package

 product description

The 2024 AION V Plus adds the pulsing blue exterior color and the Milan Time interior theme, while optimizing the CNSL area to enhance the enjoyment of simple luxury at home. For the six high frequency use scenarios in the home, the performance has also been comprehensively upgraded.

AEP pure electric exclusive platform, 2024 AION V Plus has 2830mm exaggerated wheelbase, 1920mm wide, forming a large rear space, coupled with a full flat floor, mothers can easily get on and off the car, comfortably sitting in the middle of two child seats, very convenient to take care of the baby.

The 2024 AION V Plus is a complete upgrade to the ADiGO SPACE smart cockpit. Family gathering camping, car to watch animation, play games, karaoke, the whole system of audio upgrade, equipped with brand Premium HIFI speakers, optimize the sound field layout, more immersive feeling; Outside the car can be discharged externally, cook tea in the stove, chat with friends, and each other has an entertainment world.

2024 AION V Plus upgraded 180kW electric drive, more powerful, ECO/NORMAL/SPORT and other 5 modes one click free switch. Usually take the family out, can be quiet and stable, take care of the family experience; Put down the family, you can also go wild, and you can still experience the feeling of pushing back on the family SUV.

In addition, the 2024 AION V Plus also has many practical features to meet more household needs:

1.One key remote control parking let mom with baby to maintain elegance, parking without hands, smart hug baby walk;
2.ADiGO PILOT intelligent driving assistance system, with full speed adaptive cruise (ACC) multiple functions, travel alone with children, can also take care of children

3.High speed autonomous cruise
4.Buy five seats, get three rows free, a family of seven
5.Equipped with so far 0 spontaneous combustion magazine battery and five-star safety steel and aluminum hybrid body, invisible safety protection, so that travel more at ease
6.The new car will push the cinema mode, pet mode, upgrade the rest mode, and continuously enrich the intelligent cockpit scene to provide a more convenient and comfortable car experience.

Model display

Our Company and warehouses

 The Group, established in May 2017, boasts a remarkable 23-year history in the industry. Initially, our company focused primarily on the importation of original automobiles. Over the years, we have become the leading and most renowned operator of imported cars in the Yanwei area.
   Since 2006, we have taken significant strides by establishing two Dongfeng Nissan and three GAC Fik brand 4S stores. Additionally, we have expanded our reach by including Beijing Modern, Red flag, GAC Aion, GAC Chuanqi, and a total of eight brand 4S stores in our portfolio.

        One of our key strengths lies in our ability to source multiple vehicles, enabling us to offer a diverse selection to our valued customers. This advantage, coupled with our competitive pricing strategy, allows us to provide our clients with the best possible deals in the market.
     Furthermore, we take great pride in our comprehensive after-sales protection, which ensures that our customers receive the necessary support and assistance even after their purchase. Our commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond the initial transaction, as we believe in building long-term relationships with our clients.

Our honor

Our advantage

The new EV vehicle is a centralized procurement vehicle, and the sales are at the factory wholesale price.

Have independent automobile export qualification.

After-sales service: remote guidance, spare parts supply.

Port and shipment

Shandong Yantai port opened in 1861, is China’s eighth coastal port, the world’s 12th largest coastal port, is China’s first bauxite import port, China’s largest trade port to Africa, China’s largest fertilizer loading port, China’s third largest commodity vehicle export port.


1.Q: How long is your delivery time?
    A: Generally it is 15-20 days, if we have stock. If not, maybe need 25-35 days to arrange the shipping.

2.Q: Why we choose you ?
   A :(1)We are the largest new energy vehicle supply chain in China
       (2)we have strong technical support
       (3) we have competitive and reliable price of the products
       (4)We can provide excellent and fast customer service

3. Q: About auto spare parts 
    A : We can provide floor mat, trunk mat, film, charger and other services

4. Q: About After Sales Service
    A: We have relevant technical personnel to provide you with professional after-sales service.

5.Q: why should you buy from us not from other suppliers?
   A:  Product quality is good, the company service is good, the price is reasonable.

6.Q: Mode of transportation
   A: We have  professional freight forwarder teams for you to solve the transportation, to ensure timely delivery. We normally ship cars by sea , by truck and by rail .


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